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Amy Hunt

Ahyoka by Amy Hunt
Aiyana by Amy Hunt
Catori by Amy Hunt
Chenoa by Amy Hunt
Etenia by Amy Hunt
Genessee by Amy Hunt
Hantaywee by Amy Hunt
Hinto by Amy Hunt
Lomasi by Amy Hunt
Ominotago by Amy Hunt
Orenda by Amy Hunt
Talisia by Amy Hunt

artists BIO

Amy Hunt

Amy Hunt, has been an artist of various mediums since she was a young girl. Formally trained as an international ballroom dancer, she became a competitive dancer and an international dance instructor. She has accomplished many mediums in the art world.

Her most dearly beloved passion is jewelry designing. Designing jewelry for family and friends, she realized she wanted to express her designs to the public. She studied at the Gemological Institute of America for jewelry design and Revere Academy for jewelry art, rendering, designing and marketing. She hasn't stopped since. Amy knew the stone she mostly adored was turquoise and decided to launched her line in beautiful, rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise. She took the leap to invest and create an exquisite collection of high-end turquoise jewelry. After searching for some time she found a master craftsman from Italy, who had the same aesthetic value that understood her designs. The result was magic and the collection "The Love of Turquoise" came to life.

"My passion for creating beautiful jewelry is reality. In my world, design has been the core of who I am. I'm absolutely the happiest when creating. I have found the medium that allows me to express an appreciation for beauty. Through the eyes of others who behold a piece that speaks to you, I express my gratitude and wish you pleasure when wearing a piece from the Love of Turquoise Collection. Every piece has been carefully considered with a name that has meaning from our Native Americans who revered the turquoise stone".