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Art Decker

Aztec Peak by Art Decker
Aztec Peak
Double Thunderhead by Art Decker
Double Thunderhead
Juniper Trunk by Art Decker
Juniper Trunk
Rock Butte by Art Decker
Rock Butte
San Carlos Rain by Art Decker
San Carlos Rain
Sedona Rain by Art Decker
Sedona Rain
Twins by Art Decker

artists BIO

Art Decker

Since moving to Arizona, my favorite time of year has become monsoon season. Essentially, I have become a storm chaser. Some of my favorite subjects often include storms, ruins, and missions. Most of my paintings are places in Arizona and New Mexico, with a few in Utah and Colorado.

To start a painting, I complete the most detailed drawing I can do in half of a day, including color negotiations. During the next one to two days, I under paint with turpentine and the next few layers with linseed oil. The next week to month, depending on the size of the painting, I push the colors in the under painting stage. I use my illustrating and design knowledge in the late layers. Using this process, I hope to make a unique interpretation of actual places.