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Peter Myerson

The Lake Through the Trees by Peter Myerson
The Lake Through the Trees

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Peter Myerson

I grew up in South Africa, emigrating to the US in 1987. I started painting professionally in 1970. At that time I was painting large abstracts which, over the next four years, became larger and darker. Without realizing it, I was in fact painting my reaction to the horrendous political system in practice in South Africa at that time.

Within 6 weeks of arriving in the US, my palette had lightened and softened to landscape and pastel shades, even though I was still painting abstract ideas. Slowly, however, I noticed that landscape elements were creeping in, and ultimately in the early 90’s I let my love of the land take over, and have been painting landscapes ever since. Along with the landscape I enjoyed painting in a free, gestural manner with heavy texture.

Today is an age of pluralism where no one style dominates the painting world, although I notice a tremendous rise in realism.

In June 2008, I was fortunate to spend two weeks on the coast of France, during which time I collected many beautiful stones along the water’s edge. Subsequently, I worked for 2 months trying to reproduce the smooth, almost translucent texture of the stones – eventually I dropped the idea but the smooth technique remained, and I am now using this to produce landscapes. This realism is giving me great joy, reflecting my love of the landscape.