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Peter Wright

Dreaming Raven Spirit Jar by Peter Wright
Dreaming Raven Spirit Jar
Gold Red Battuto Jar by Peter Wright
Gold Red Battuto Jar
Rain Spirit Totem by Peter Wright
Rain Spirit Totem
Sea Hawk Spirit Jar by Peter Wright
Sea Hawk Spirit Jar

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Peter Wright

"Some of my major influences include William Morris, for his incredible surface treatments, Dale Chihuly, for his use of color, and traditional Japanese potters for their simple, almost primitive, but very elegant forms. I've been fascinated by all types of indigenous arts for years, especially Native American, African, and Pre-Columbian Art. All of these influences combine to help shape the statements that I wish to express.

The trick now is to get the vision from my head, through my hands, and into glass. A few degrees here or there, a millimeter's difference in thickness and the results can vary widely from piece to piece. That's the challenge of glass and I'm loving every minute of it."
~ Peter Wright