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Ray Tigerman

Along The Trail by Ray Tigerman
Along The Trail
Before the Gathering by Ray Tigerman
Before the Gathering
Blue Warrior by Ray Tigerman
Blue Warrior
Dawn Rider I by Ray Tigerman
Dawn Rider I
Desert Rider by Ray Tigerman
Desert Rider
Exodus by Ray Tigerman
Medicine Man II by Ray Tigerman
Medicine Man II
Messenger by Ray Tigerman
Mystic Circle II by Ray Tigerman
Mystic Circle II
Overlook by Ray Tigerman
Scout by Ray Tigerman
Shaman Gathering by Ray Tigerman
Shaman Gathering
Small Apache by Ray Tigerman
Small Apache
The Ridge by Ray Tigerman
The Ridge
Three Shamans by Ray Tigerman
Three Shamans
War Party by Ray Tigerman
War Party
Winter Warriors by Ray Tigerman
Winter Warriors
Yellow Mesa II by Ray Tigerman
Yellow Mesa II

artists BIO

Ray Tigerman

Born in 1971 in the high desert of Nevada, Ray was influenced at an early age by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Lawrence Lee and Ed Mell.

Ray spent his youth recreating, with fervor, the vibrant landscapes and subjects by which he was constantly surrounded. After entering and winning numerous school and local art shows, Ray eventually landed at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

While there, he developed the acute attention to space and abstract form that was associated with many of his influences, subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary. The evolution of his work continues to emerge through his passion, understanding and depiction of the indigenous southwestern people and wildlife in their dramatic environment.

Ray’s work can be found in a myriad of private and public art collections throughout the country, and has been seen in numerous festivals and exhibitions.