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Steve Failows

Citrine Kaleidoscope by Steve Failows
Citrine Kaleidoscope
Large Tube Kaleidoscope by Steve Failows
Large Tube Kaleidoscope
Medium Cone Sandstone Kaleidoscope by Steve Failows
Medium Cone Sandstone Kaleidoscope

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Steve Failows

Arizona artist Steve Failows has taken a popular toy, the kaleidoscope and transformed it into a collectible art form. His scopes are one of a kind ceramic kaleidoscopes mounted on fossils, crystals and wood.

Reflective symmetry has been observed since ancient times. Legend claims that early Egyptians would place two or three slabs of highly polished limestone together at different angles and watch with fascination as mandalas were formed by human dancers. The kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster of Scotland in 1816. His primary field of study was optics and the physics of light. Brewster’s kaleidoscope was met with much enthusiasm.

The fun and nostalgic nature of the kaleidoscope has fueled Steve’s passion to stay young at heart.