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Suzanne Simson

Female Figure by Suzanne Simson
Female Figure
Floral Fruit Settings by Suzanne Simson
Floral Fruit Settings
Floral Settings by Suzanne Simson
Floral Settings
Floral Wall Hangings by Suzanne Simson
Floral Wall Hangings
Floral with Gold Leaf and Frame by Suzanne Simson
Floral with Gold Leaf and Frame
Magnolia Mural by Suzanne Simson
Magnolia Mural
Oceanic by Suzanne Simson
Pines by Suzanne Simson
Small Framed by Suzanne Simson
Small Framed
Spring by Suzanne Simson
Time Arrangement by Suzanne Simson
Time Arrangement

artists BIO

Suzanne Simson

Art reminds us to really take a look around us. I feel as though paintings can be a way to perceive what is truly valuable in our lives. The world is rich with imagery to contemplate, and my life as an artist is about sharing that world.

My medium is unique. Using materials derived from the earth - such as linen, minerals, and even gold - the visual effect of my paintings has a timeless, classical look. My method of preparing canvases allows me to produce delicate visual notes, such as the transparent petals of a lily, or contrasting depth of shadow. Layers of tinted plaster build a rich surface, which delights the eye and changes with the light.

New and old are at play in my work. “Contemporary Classicism” is an expression that was used to describe my work in a museum show in the 1990’s. Recent paintings, made with pigment on plaster, were described by a critic as having, “Wonderfully textured and complex color relationships”.

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting my art from New York to California, Wisconsin to Texas. Also, I co-illustrated an award winning book published by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I am passionate about my role as an artist, to communicate something of the treasure of vision and the luxury of beauty in our world.