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The Lighted Lantern (lifesize) | James Muir

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Bronze Limited Edition

H 78" x W 60" x D 60"


'He is wearing an early model rain slicker while his hat reflects his U.S. Cavalry background His rifle is a Model 1876 Winchester (Centennial of the date of the Declaration of Independence).
She wears a modified U.S. Infantry Officer’s “great coat” (Infantry is the “Queen of Battle” reflecting Chess pieces). Her hair is loosely patterned after the style of the Lady of Liberty while the buttons of her dress bear the “Lone Star” of Freedom, as does the Civil War Texas State belt plate. On her belt she discreetly, but significantly, carries a “Centennial Model” Smith & Wesson revolver (commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution).
They wear their wedding rings of “prairie diamonds”, their hands interwoven in a “lover’s knot”, with both touching her cameo bearing the rose of spiritual blossoming.
The broken wagon wheel, at a higher level, symbolizes the completion of one era of human history with the way forward into a new Era being illuminated by the Lantern of Truth and Freedom held aloft by the Lady of Liberty”.
Both figures are at the same level signifying complete equality – she holds the Light aloft while her mate guards and protects her. "

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