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Athena's Prayer Maquette | James Muir

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Bronze Limited Edition

H 14" x W 7" x D 7"


'“Athena” is the classical goddess, not only of War but also of Wisdom.
A modern Athena, just returned from Battle with the enemies of America,
helmet held protecting her heart, looks heavenward in Prayer.
She symbolizes the feminine “prudence” to war.
It begs the enigmatic question of what is her Prayer – the answer to be supplied by the viewer, as a catharsis for helping to heal
the individual, and very personal, “wounds of war.” This is a tribute
to all the women who have served in America’s Armed Forces.

“Mission Dust”
This long day is waning,
with many more to come,
Mission dust lingers…
like a powder-fine shadow,
on boots, hands, face and Heart
For when we could not -
when we dare not –
a tear may now be shed;
For the lonely joy and sadness,
disappointments and pain…
For the pride and the Courage,

To see it thru’…again.

SSG, Tiffany Kravec-Kelly"

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