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The Last Horseman Monumental | James Muir

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Bronze Limited Edition


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“The Last Horseman”, like the “Southern Steel II” as referenced in my first book , literally depicts the slashing fury of a confederate cavalry charge. The southern horsemen were the epitome of the effectiveness of the mounted arm of the military known as “Light Cavalry.” The southerners, both by desire as well as necessity, traveled light; weapons, clothing and equipments were generally limited to the basic essentials necessary to do the job.

This trooper is armed with a Nashville Plow Works “CSA” sabre and a “brace” of Colt’s revolvers, weapons ideally suited for the close-in fighting preferred by the Southern Cavalry. His thigh boots, rare and highly prized, provide the protection needed for rough-riding through the thorns, briars and brambles of adversity. His horse equipments consist of the barest essentials; a light-weight Jenifer saddle and one horse blanket. His own blanket is strapped to the pommel and his officer’s cut-down frock coat is tied on the cantle allowing him unhindered freedom in using his sabre to maximum effect. The bridle is a captured Federal officer’s, modified to take a brass bit of Confederate manufacture, with a simple neck rope replacing the more cumbersome leather halter and lead strap. Trampled underfoot in an irresistible onslaught is a shattered Federal canon wheel hit by the 24 lb. “solid shot” in front and a .44cal Henry lever-action rifle buried in the mud behind.

A background of riding and shooting, combined with the fierce determination brought out by a grim conflict fought on their own native earth, made the Southern Cavalry one of the finest the world has ever known – truly some of the “last horsemen.” With some specific additions, “The Last Horseman” is the larger version of the 1984 sculpture “Southern Steel II” that I spoke of in “Lanterns Along The Path,” (pg.26) where I also cited my Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse: “In-Tierce Point,” “The Black Horse,” “Southern Steel II,” and “The Texan” in that order. Thus, as all four are already represented, “The Last Horseman” must needs be the one coming after the Fourth – i.e. “the 5th Horseman”:

“Then I saw the heavens opened, and there was a white horse; its rider was (called) “Faithful and True.” He judges and wages war in righteousness. His eyes were (like) a fiery flame and on his head were many diadems…He wore a cloak that had been dipped in blood and his name was the Word of God. The armies of Heaven followed Him…Out of His mouth came a sharp sword to strike the nations.”
Revelations 20:11-1

The “sharp sword” w/“CSA” (Christ-Self Awareness) on the hilt is the “Sword of Truth” to sever that which is real from illusion” and usher in a new earth (canon ball), and new “Wheel of Life” with the old way rent asunder along with all weapons of violence, “brother against brother,” trampled into the mud."

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