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Wheel of Life (Rueda de la Vida) Lifesize | Reagan Word

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Bronze and Steel Sculpture

H 60" x W 60" x D 24"


'*The Wheel of Life monumental is available to see at the Forest Plaza in Uptown Sedona.

'The Wheel of Life is suggestive of an ancient relic that contains a timeless outline of the purpose of life and the soul’s journey through it.

At the center of the wheel is a sun, a symbol of the essence of the life which permeates all the earth’s inhabitants who live sustained by the five elements, earth, fire, water, air and ether. Symbols of these elements appear on the wheel’s perimeter. Within these elements the wheel is populated with an array of life forms native to the Southwest. They are included by complexity as plants, insects, animals and finally human beings.

In the human form the soul is at last capable of realizing its divine nature. At the time of death the soul, as symbolized by the two doves, exits its mortal shell and rises upward on the Music of the Spheres. This music is symbolized by the sound icons positioned above the figures of a man and a woman. The soul is now free of the Wheel and can explore the wonders and mysteries beyond.

The Rueda de la Vida is an artistic interpretation of a timeless message of hope designed to endure the onslaughts of time.""

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